Learn to recognise and identify some individual species of Australian fungi with the
new field book: Fungi of the Perth Region and Beyond by Neale L. Bougher.

Since fungi species often appear slightly different in different regions a locally produced guide is indispensible. PUBF has created a Field Book featuring local, high quality, close-up photographs of fungi that you would expect to see in the Perth Region. FieldBook-FrontPage.jpg

Since fungi species often appear slightly different in different regions a locally produced guide is indispensable. The new Field Book features local, high quality, close-up photographs of fungi that you would expect to see throughout the south west of Australia including in the Perth Region. A colourful Visual Index enables quick navigation to find fungi on their species pages. The species pages outline the key features of each fungus under its photo, and plenty of blank space is provided for you to add your own notes.

Choose from the following two versions to download all or part of your Field Book. If you are unable to download the whole book (a large PDF of about 21 MB), you may choose to either: (1) download the partial file provided (about 4 MB) which includes the introductory section, plus the Visual Index only; or (2) obtain a DVD of the whole book (contact PUBF or the Western Australian Naturalists’ Club for purchase details); or (3) ask a professional printer or someone else to print out the whole book for you.

Whole book: icon Download your entire Field Book here (21MB).

Part of book: icon Download your part of the Field Book here (4 MB).
The Perth Fungi Field Book is:

  • Freely downloadable
  • Also available on DVD
  • Easy to quickly navigate and find fungi
  • Designed to allow a self-managed format if desired – encouraging you to add your own notes, photos, and pages directly into the book
  • Growing in size! It is updated and expanded as further knowledge and images come to hand.

The field book is a ‘work in progress’. Periodically, photos and information about different fungi will be added to subsequent editions of the field book. The beauty of the online edition is that you don’t have to reprint the whole book when it’s updated…you can download the new pages and add it to your book. You can also construct your own page(s) using the blank template and your own photographs.
How to make your printed Field Book

You will need:

  • Standard A5 sized 80gsm weight paper or better.
  • A5 Sleeve protectors
  • A5 double ring folder

Available at any office stationary supplier.


  • Download the Field Book
  • Adjust your computer’s printing settings so that the page layout is set to use A5 (148x210mm) paper in portrait orientation.
  • Alternatively, you could print two pages per A4 page by using multi-page printing. Select two document pages per page of printing.
  • Your printed images may appear dark on a ‘normal print’. Thus, it is recommended that you change your printer settings to print the book marginally lighter than ‘normal print’ e.g. 5 to 10 % lighter. Please print a few image pages to test settings before printing many pages.
  • Print it on any standard (or better) inkjet printer. The colour of the final product will depend largely on the quality of the printer and paper used.


There are three options:

  • Insert pages into an A5 ‘sleeve’ protector and place in an A5 two ring binder.
  • ‘Hole punch’ the pages and use without the plastic sleeves. However, if you are in the field and the page gets wet the inks will ‘run’, although you could try using an artists fixative (such as Micador ‘Fixative Workable Mat’) to lock up the colours while still allowing you to write on the page.
  • Laminate and ‘hole punch’ your pages to completely protect them from getting wet, but this will not allow you to easily add your own notes.

Viewing Electronically

You don’t need to print the Field Book to use it. It has some nifty features to view online – please see the recent Guide to viewing the Field Book electronically.